Lonely London Lad Album Wall Art (Available exclusively in our Shop)

Buffalo Jump Wall Art

The newest LLL t-shirt design is also an enormous wall print, measuring 6 feet 3 inches tall by 4 feet 10 inches wide! Printed on UV-resistant photographic fabric. Clings, re-usably, to any painted surface (no frame required). Ships FREE within continental USA.

Lonely London Lad Buffalo Jump wall print

Big Album Covers

Lonely London Lad album art, debut album
Debut album cover art
Lonely London Lad album art, Foaming At The Mouth
Foaming At The Mouth cover art

These enormous prints each measure 58 inches by 58 inches (1.5 meters squared), which is almost 5 feet tall by 5 feet wide! That is about 25 square feet of full color artwork, printed on UV-resistant photographic fabric. Each arrived in a heavy 6 foot tube. We opened them up and were amazed at how fantastic they look. It is difficult to get a sense of just how big 58" x 58" is until you see one big print that size. It looks like something that should be hanging in a large museum. Well, maybe in 20 years, it shall!

Below is a shot I took at night, not pro by any means, but it shows them hanging together... I'm not sure if the odd angle makes either appear smaller than they look in person, but if you look at the door you can get a sense of proportion, I think.

Lonely London Lad wall art

I thought that some of you would also like the opportunity to have one or both hanging in your own pad, so I am offering to have either one custom printed and shipped to whoever is willing to pay for it.

Because of their large size, and because they cannot be mass-produced (in fact, they are printed one at a time), they are relatively expensive (relative to our poster, which is a steal) at 200 dollars per print. This price includes free shipping to any address in the United States (contact me for international shipping). Another good thing: You don't need to hang them or (like I did) invest in poster hangers, because they will cling (reuseably!) to any painted surface.

Want To Take It Up A Notch?

Lonely London Lad album art, Foaming At The Mouth

In case the above album covers are simply not big enough for you, we have another solution... You can hang the complete 5-panel spread from Foaming At The Mouth on your wall, as 5 separate panels, each one 58" high by 58" wide. There are so many details in these five panels, you will continue to discover things the more you look at it. To me, it is a crystallization of America, at least an America of the imagination. To hang them contiguously, you will need at least 25 feet of horizontal wall space free. You will also need 1000 dollars. But at least it will ship to you for free, if you live in the United States.

Lonely London Lad album art, Foaming At The Mouth

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