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Lonely London Lad's debut double-album CD

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"This is one hell of a debut CD -- I haven't heard a debut this articulate, this full of confidence and one with this amount of talent and a determination to record their own unique songs, not what some A & R guy thinks all the lemmings in radio-land want to hear." - Kent Manthie, Reviewer Magazine

"Astonishingly vibrant, lyrically prodigious, and a feast of strangeness for these weather-beaten ears." - Peter Woods Wallace

"Courting the eccentric and the unflinchingly cool, Lonely London Lad's eponymous double album debut beseeches listeners to think beyond the confines of a single genre, burning the barriers in a conflagration that both mystifies and intrigues. Each song on this album - from the sublimely reserved "Another Planet" to the story of VIP-induced debauchery "Celebrity" - teems with ingenuity. There is a plentiful lack of triteness, as Lonely London Lad carefully composes with a splendor that is inherently unique, at times witty, but always brave. Somehow, Lonely London Lad makes the absence of a pre-defined category a little less lonely." -- Justine Larkin, Electriciti

"Rarely have I seen a band with so much solid material behind them before they contemplated an album." - Peter Lanceley, This Music Wins

"While a common criticism of double albums is that they don't stay on task, the aural wandering on Lonely London Lad is this work's greatest strength. Far from throwing a multitude of songs against a wall, Jackson Pollock style, to see what sticks, Lonely London Lad has created concept from chaos, and a collection of songs that belong together even when they sound almost nothing alike. Length, here, has afforded freedom, not irrelevance." - Brett Emerson, Second Supper

"I have now had ample time to devour the CD and I must say it just gets better and better with every listen. I finally have a reason the appreciate my awesome sound system because of all of the little nuances and gadgety sounds coming from your music. This CD literally gives me the chills. It is pure genius. I only wish you were on a huge record label so that the musically underprivileged masses could appreciate it. Thank you for restoring my hope that someone will save music from its painful demise." -- Mitchell Smith, Philadelphia Inquirer

LLL's debut is a double-CD, a mega-album with 2 hours and 22 minutes of original music, 25 tracks in total to get completely lost in.

You get all our rich and strange songs like "Buffalo Jump", "Dick And Jane", "Drop Dead Lizzie", "My Sorrow", "Dark Gardens, "SPQR", and 19 more!

Also included is a 12-page full-color lyric book, and an explosion of inspired album art that perfectly fits the music within.

These aren't the stream-quality excerpts you've heard on our MySpace. Rather, these are professionally mixed, mastered, and manufactured to their full sonic glory!

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Lonely London Lad debut double-album CD

Track Listings (with times)

Disc 1
Buffalo Jump		6:45
Dick and Jane		5:40
The Love		4:40
My Sorrow		4:47
Celebrity		5:19
Madness			5:03
Idiot			4:52
Robot			5:23
Paper Lilies		3:08
Brighton Beach		5:05
New Orleans		4:13
Another Planet		12:36
Beyond Mercury		4:25

Disc 2
Drop Dead Lizzie	5:06
Mesmerized		6:01
In The Colony		5:05
Beautiful Boy		5:47
Seashell Candy		5:56
Dark Gardens		5:43
Seahorse		5:58
Pura Vida		5:15
Toi			5:19
Macbeth			5:00
Sunday Morning		6:03
SPQR			8:36

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