Lonely London Lad's second album: "Foaming At The Mouth"

Foaming At The Mouth album cover

LLL's second full-length album is now available in our secure online shop.

With 13 brand new tracks, "Foaming" features over one hour of the catchy-trippy music you have come to expect from LLL.

In "Foaming At The Mouth", the Anglo-American duo of Robert and Billy (the chap from Robert Plant's band) mix genres and time periods into a unique psychedelic blend.

Foaming At The Mouth artwork
Foaming At The Mouth artwork

Track Listing:

1.  Men					4:40
2.  Strange Child			5:07
3.  Foaming At The Mouth		5:59
4.  John Wayne				4:18
5.  Black On Blue			5:13
6.  Drunken Douglas			5:16
7.  Chain Gang				5:07
8.  White Wolf				3:23
9.  Aqaba				4:36
10. Hollow Men				4:20
11. Mr. Jones				4:34
12. Candyman				4:54
13. Victor Richter			4:33

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"Robert Savage displays an archetypal, mad as a box of frogs, English eccentricity and a talent for quirky lyrics -- a kind of Ray Davies for the 2010's. On the evidence of this second outing, Lonely London Lad is certainly deserving of wider recognition." - Shindig! Magazine (UK)

" Foaming At The Mouth is a bit more upbeat [than the debut] and, if I say so myself, a little more self-confident, as if they realized they did get it right the first time, so now, what the hell, keep on with the eclecticism that marked their debut. Like I said, this one's a bit more uptempo, at least in places, but they still use their vivid imagination to put together an album full of new sounds that I really can't compare to anyone, it's so original...

"LLL don't dwell on the past but create a future of indie-pop-neo psych-out that really stretches the mind... I could go on, deconstructing each song on here, which are all very well done and nods to the keyboard-infused danceable 60s stuff, really hold their own here. In fact, I am at a loss for words to compare this to any band that's around in their heyday or in today's music world.

"So, kudos to Lonely London Lad and I must add that that tinny keyboard really adds a sonic groove which heightens the experience all that more. I honestly cannot find a single criticism that I can articulate." - Kent Manthie, Reviewer Magazine, San Diego.

" This is what can happen when business is taken out of the business of making music... The path that this group has thus far undertaken is evidence that the life of an independent musician can be much more liberating, creative, and fun than the calculated moves of a sponsored player... What's most notable about Lonely London Lad's accelerated and independent schedule is that the group doesn't descend into solipsism in pursuing it...

"The ultimate impression that Foaming at the Mouth gives is one of growth and choice, as though the flood of songs on the first album painted the landscape and this album provided its roads. In this case, choosing a direction hasn't lessened the ability to play around with the format -- and for Lonely London Lad, that ability remains paramount." - Brett Emerson, Second Supper.