Lonely London Lad: Album Art Stickers

Lonely London Lad album art stickers
LLL album art sticker pack

Get an 8-pack of LLL album art stickers -- measuring 4" x 4" each sticker (10 cm x 10 cm) -- to slap on your books, mirror, wall, door, or bottom.

Included in the pack are 4 stickers with the psychedelic masterpiece of our debut album, "Lonely London Lad", and 4 stickers from the stunning collage on our second album cover, "Foaming At The Mouth".

Lonely London Lad: Bumper Sticker

Lonely London Lad bumper sticker
LLL "Buffalo Jump" bumper sticker, magenta, 3" x 10"

"In the desert there is no sound" is from "Buffalo Jump" and is one of LLL's best-known and most-often-quoted lyrics. It's a mystical line that goes deep into the subconscious.

What better thing to do than to send the drivers behind you into a flashback by showing it off on your car bumper?

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