Lonely London Lad: Testimonials

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"Just got the CD in the mail a bit ago! I LOVE IT!!!!!! Seriously the best 20 bucks I've spent all year." -- Jordan

"Just received the CD and art shirt in the mail today... Awesome!! Your music is just the kind of original twisted wonder that I love to hear. And the shirt caused my knickers to drop, it is so cool!" -- Jeff

"Best. Shirt. Ever." -- Kate

"I want you to know that I have never witnessed such personal appreciation for purchasing an album from a band. When I opened up my mail within just 3 days of buying your CD's, I found a card with your John Hancock. Listening to your amazing music and reading the lyrics with it, I read your little personal message inside the booklet. I must say, this was the best $20 I've invested. I've been listening to your album for a few days solid now, looped. Loving every moment of it. Thank you LLL, and keep up your amazing work." - Jacob

"Last week I received the CD and the T-shirt. I appreciate very much the lovely autograph. I can't tell you which music I loved most! Dick and Jane maybe...Well,just to say... a huge thank you and keep the sound great! Renato, from Minas Gerais-Brazil!"

"I just got that excellent T-Shirt yesterday in the mail and I LOVE it! It is very psychedelic, very artistic and a real eyeful. It's going to be one of my most-worn shirts." - Kent

"hey i love the album. i ordered it from you a few weeks ago and i can't stop listening to it. i haven't liked an album this much in a long time. telling all my friends about you. anyway, some fav tracks of mine are beautiful boy, paper lillies, idiot, and in the colony, but both discs f'n rock all the way through. keep makin new music cuz i love it, and if you ever happen to come anywhere near indiana, let me know." -- Chase

"Just wanted to say i got my Cd yesterday... I LLLOVE IT!!!! Its amazing. I am listening to it right now.... I cant say enough about it... I am at a loss for words. Also i was very surprised how soon it got here i had just ordered it on Thursday. What a grear surprise in my mailbox yesterday when i came home from work. THANKYOU SO MUCH and you have a gained a Fan and a supporter KEEP UP THE GOOD MUSIC. LLLove ya." -- Jenny

"I have now had ample time to devour the CD and I must say it just gets better and better with every listen. I finally have a reason the appreciate my awesome sound system because of all of the little nuances and gadgety sounds coming from your music. This CD literally gives me the chills. It is pure genius. I only wish you were on a huge record label so that the musically underprivileged masses could appreciate it. Thank you for restoring my hope that someone will save music from its painful demise." -- Mitchell

"Ordered the 'slate' t-shirt and received it last Friday night. My GF (who is an artist) LOVED it! She recently told me I was always wearing the same boring shirt (true!) so I am on a mission to blow her mind with my constantly changing t-shirts! Well, this worked.... she could not get enough of it or me! Thanks! will order more in the future!" - Bill

"Just got your cd. It's my new favorite. Love every bit of it." -- Erik

"i just ordered your shirt, and i got your cd the other day. im supporting you guys 110%." -- Kyle

"Seems like only yesterday that I ordered my LLL wholesome goodness, and here it is! ^_^ This is by far the most awesome Monday ever." -- Bryan

"Hey, loving the music.I ordered one of your albums and just received it in the mail today, it's amazing. Keep up the great work." -- Josh

"Just a line to tell you that I am beyond pleased with your collection of music. Ever since you fellows added me as a MySpace friend all the way back in November, and the first intriguing notes of your delicious tunes caressed my ears, I fell in love with the entrancing, seducing power your music and lyrical composition holds. From then on, I was hooked, compulsively checking your site for the release date of your debut album. I was nearly driven mad waiting for its release, but now, the CD set is proudly my own to enjoy and listen to late into the early hours of the morning. I am an artist who works on low brow, pop surrealist-type nonsense and it is THE perfect soundtrack to my madness. It's a psychedelic ferris wheel, a charming nightmare, a peek into a beautifully disturbed imagination. I will most definitely anticipate the release of your next album, and the albums following. Keep up the fantastic work!" -- Savage Vixen (Editor's note: No relation to our very own Robert Savage, mateys!)

"I absolutely love the album. The songs are always stuck in my head and I am constantly humming them at work. The music is fabulous, a chaotic splatter of genuine creativity across the face of the dull modern music that is force fed to us. A trip through time and space that leaves a streak of magical colors burned across the universe, leaving you with the feeling of god's hand stroking its fingers through your hair like an obsessed lover. An apocalyptic world full of ashes with millions of phoniex's rising from the decyaed runis of the old. Oh my! Look at what you have inspired." - Space Wanderer

"I personally ask you to purchase the album..... it's a bargain, it is an incredible piece of sonic tapestry and I want to hear more from LLL, don't you? If you can't hear the potential.... you must be deaf. If you can't see the potential..... you must be blind. If you can't do either surely you can feel the potential? Let's join together, creativity blossoms in hard times. Dig deep get on board.... enjoy the ride! And no...... I was not paid for this: I BELIEVE! ...2-weeks on from purchasing the double cd...Sure I have my favorite tracks but find the whole album totally captivating and well worth the few dollar/pounds spent considering the effort that has gone into bringing it all to us. Enough said...... just go and get your own copy and thank me for gushing on about it & LLL..... I'm not wrong on this one. "-- Dave_Sexy

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